*Oberleutnant Helmut Wagner
" That old campaigner "- Oberleutnant Pöppel

C.O. 9Kp. III/FJR6
Born: August 18, 1915 in Köslin , Pomerania
Fallschirmjäger since: 1939
Last Service Rank: Oberleutnant
Last Service Position:
C.O. 9Kp. FJR6
Killed in action June 7, 1944 near St. Come-du-Mont, Normandy

Service Awards
Luftwaffe Jump Badge

Luftwaffe ground assault badge
Close Combat Clasp in Silver
Wound badge in Gold
Kreta Armelband
Iron Cross Second Class
Iron Cross First Class: July 28, 1940
Knights Cross: January 24, 1942

Wagner joined the Luftwaffe on April 1st 1938, a year a later he became a paratrooper. His first assignemnt wa with the II Battalion, 1st Parachute Regiment fighting in Poland and Holland he recieved his Iron Cross 1st Class.

He later took part in the invasion of Crete with the 6th company 1st Regiment landing near the Heraklion airfield. Although wounded he led an assault which eliminated thre British anti-arcraft positions and he personally knocked out one of the few tanks on the island with hand grenades. After personally reading the 1st Parachute Regiments battle account, Reichsmarschall Herman Göring recomended him for the Knights Cross which he recieved July 28th, 1942.

In early 1944 he was assigned to the newly forming 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment. as C.O. of the 9th Kompanie which he led until June 7, 1944 when he was killed by a direct hit on his command dugout by an artillery shell.

* Reference: Knights Cross Holders of the Fallschirmjäger by: Franz Kurowski & Heaven & Hell by: Martin Pöppel
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