Fallschirmjager Impression Guide
1941 Crete Basic Impression
Wool Cap:
M41 Flieger Mütze "Overseas cap"
Shirts :
*Blaumeliertes Hemd Blue Dress Shirt 
Heere grey green combat shirt acceptable

M1938 Fallschirmschützen-Hose, Fallschirmjäger Jump Trousers
M1940 Fallschirmschützen-Hose, Fallschirmjäger Jump Trousers

Fallschirmjäger Front lace jump boot,
Fallschirmjäger Sidelace jump boot

M38 Fallschirmjäger Stahlhelm
M40 Fallschirmjäger Stahlhelm

Smock :
Type II Grey Green or Type II Splinter-b Smock
Type III Splinter-b Smock
(Buttoned up to simulate bone sack)

Weapon, Ammo Pouches, bandolier
K98 Mauser rifle is your basic weopon requirment,
P38 w/Brown Pistol holster
Blue green Bandoleer

Crete 1941 Basic Impression
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