Fallschirmjager Impression Guide
1941-45 Basic Impression Dress
Wool Cap:
M41 Flieger Mütze "Overseas cap"
M42 Bergmütze " Mountain cap"
M43 Einheitsfeldmütze single or doble button

Shirts :
*Blaumeliertes Hemd Blue Dress Shirt
M43 Waffen Hemd Grey LW combat shirt
Heere grey green combat shirt acceptable
*A black tie is recommended.

M1940 Fliegerbluse, Standard Isseu Flight Blouse

M1938 Fallschirmschützen-Hose, Fallschirmjäger Jump Trousers
M1940 Fallschirmschützen-Hose, Fallschirmjäger Jump Trousers

Fallschirmjäger Front lace jump boot, *Rerpoduction
*We recomend using a 14 hole Doc Martin boot, cut down to 12 hole
or a custom made boot or a boot that resembles an original pair
of Fallschirmjäger jump boots.

*Fallschirmjäger Sidelace jump boot
* Member must purchase front lace boots first

Belt or Suspenders :
Brownn Leather belt w/ LW buckle,
Period suspendors

1941-1945 Basic Impression Dress
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