Fallschirmjager Impression Guide

"Be calm and prudent, strong and resolute. Valor and enthusiasm of an offensive spirit will cause you to prevail in the attack. "
#4 Fallschirmjäger 10 Commandmnets
The Impression Guide is to be used only as a basic guide for assembling a correct impression for different theaters of operation the Fallschirmjäger fought and served in. Much of the uniform and equipment isi nterchangable throughout the war. For example; a North African impression would also be suitable for Sicily or Italian campaigns. Of course there are many more possibilities, with some research one can find various examples of many different uniform combinations. Of course we can not show every possibilty, this is not our goal. The guide is mearly that just a guide for new recruits help them get familiar with what was worn in any particular theater, also gives them a good idea of what equipment goes well with what. It’s up to theindividual to do his own individual research and investing to come up with their desired overall impressions.

Yet it should be clear that this guide is also a default for us to keep us in some basic uniformity. Due to the overwehlming photgraphic history of the Fallschirmjäger wearing many variations of uniforms and equipment, we will allow for a variety of jump smocks and equipment to be worn by veteran members of the unit. Important to note that, “Veteran members of the unit”. This is why it is importannt to get your Basic Impression first. Part of being a veteran is having a complete basic kit. As a general rule the scenario should dictate the specifics of unifom wear. Obviously we can say in the late war there where several types of smocks used. So this will depend on what the scenario is and what we have available. Late war allows a much wider variety than early war. You are required to have any uniform differences approved by the authenticity officer or unit leader for the specifc scenario. Of course we shall use leniancy in this whole subject.

Since we are also called upon to do public events, parades, action figure conventions, documentaries and many other types of events where historical accuracy is important. We may also have an opportunity to play a specific role for a movie, photo shoot or public renactment so we encourage individuals to build up several well researched alternate impressions. Such as a
Sanitäter, Kreigsberichter, NCO, Officer, even a specific individual, ex; Ramcke. You never know when the History Channel will be casting the next bunch of Germans. It’s up to you but despite what the event we always need to put historical accuracy first when it comes to our impressions.

1941-45 Basic Impression Barrack
1941-45 Basic Impression Dress
1942-45 Basic Impression Field
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