"So Wird Man Fallschirmjäger” Hermann Groth u. Ludwig Kade

The well recognized cover! The only art provided in color.

Groth's work was also featured in the 1929 issue Nr. 1, 5.1.1929
Der "Wahre Jacob" a popular political Journal, 1880 - 1930

Most of us Fallschirmjäger reenactors, enthusiast and collectors recognize the cover of the wartime publication of "So wird Man Fallschirmjager" Roughly translates too, So you want to be a Paratroop or How one becomes a Paratrooper.

Needless to say this comic book is a well recognized piece of Fallschirmjäger memorabilia. As a fellow artist I've been very fascinated by this comic book and it's backround. What most interested me was the backround of the artist behind the cartoons, Hermann Groth, along with writer Ludwig Kade who both served in the 11Kp. Fallschirmjäger Regiment 1

Well after purchasing an orignal copy of my own I was able to admire the talented artist Hermann Groth who illustrated this book with his whimsical cartoons. Searching high and low for any information on Groth sadley finding not much information is avaiable. Not much more than what the actual book provides. My first clues to this man is with in the second page of the book. As we see here he was killed in Crete "Geffalen auf Kreta" .. "beide III/FJR1" beside the III/FJR1.

Herman Groth:
November 14, 1902 Killed: May 20, 1941 Khania, Kreta
Rank: Gefreiter, 11Kp FJR1, He rests in Maleme Gr: 473-00

Ludwig Kade:
Born: August 5, 1915 Killed: December 26, 1943 Ortona , Italy
Rank: Oberleutnant, 11Kp FJR1, He rests in Cassino

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