"The most precious thing in the presence of the foe is ammunition. He who shoots uselessly, merely to comfort himself, is a man of straw who merits not the title of Fallschirmjäger."
#5 Fallschirmjäger 10 Commandments
Re-enacting Club
Fallschirmjäger Units

Kameraden from our parent Regiment in the U.K. . A very inspring group with awesome authenticity.

A U.K. Ramcke unit, with an excellent impression and great web site go see!

Our FJR3 Kamerads based in Florida

1Kp Fallschirmjäger Regiment 7 East Coast
Luftwaffe related
Our Whermacht Heere friends
Our friends and foe a like!
WWII Related
Dal Volturno A Cassino
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