Our unit will be required to attend some desert North Afrikan battle events, as our alternate impression for these events we will be rerpresenting the 1st Kompanie Lehr Battalion of the Ramcke Brigade. The Lehr Battalion was under the command of Major Von der Heydte who was the commander of our parent unit FJR6.

To the left is the unit patch of the 1Kompanie Lehr Battalion, which we will be required to be worn on our tunics and or tropical shirts at any North Afrika events. This does not include Tunisia since the Ramcke Brigade did not play a major role by then.
Kompanie patches will be available through our unit NCO or Adjutant. And are to be worn on the right shoulder as pictured bellow

The Lehr Battalion was comanded by Major Von der Heydte and was formed from the I battalion FJR3 as part of the Ramcke Brigade, which was originally tasked to capture Malta. The Lehr Battalion arrived in Afrika in August 1942 via Athens, Crete and was there until the final retreat from El Alamein in November of 1942.

The Battalion was for the most part destroyed, however small task force elements of the battalion made the long retreat accross the desert with the rest of the Brigade. The final remnants arriving in Tunisia and most being evacuated back to Italy. Only a handful of the members of the Ramcke Brigade remained in Afrika where eventually a few of the daring paratroopers made it back to Italy in small ships and vessels. Thus was the short lived legend of the Ramcke Brigade.

Above: Members of the I Kompanie identified by the scorpion patch on their right sleeves, play a friendly game of cards during a lull in the battle. Note the mustaches and Luftwaffe pith helmets. Left; Gefreiter Loy.

Leading his I Battalion, FJR3 Ramcke Brigade is Hauptmann von der Heydte with his Adlutant Oberleutnant Rolf Mager
Leading the I Kompanie, Lehr Battalion - Ramcke Brigade. Ritter Kreutz Tragger Horst Trebes.
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