"Against an open foe fight with chivalry, but to a guerrilla extend no quarter. "
#9 Fallschirmjäger 10 Commandments
November, Camp Roberts
October, Camp Roberts
2010 MTHE
Sept, Camp Roberts
Oxmans Dedication
OFMD 2010 Ft MacArthur
Weekend of Heroes 2010
April, Stoddard Valley
January Camp Roberts
MTHE 2009 October 3-4
Camp Roberts, Sept. 2009
Weekend of Heroes 2009
Chino Air Show May 16 2009
Camp Roberts, January 16-18
Camp Roberts, November 7-8
Camp Roberts, October 3-5
Gardenville Reno, August
Jaques Littlfield Collection
Weekend of Heroes June
Camp Roberts, May 16- 18
New Cuyama, April 18-20
Camp Roberts, January 25-27
Ozena, December
Photo Shoot November 11
Camp Roberts, October 7-8
Camp Roberts, Sept 7-8
Camp Jubilee, August
Photo Shoot June 21-23
Weekend of Heroes June
Stoddard, May 4-6
Camp Roberts, February 14-15
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