Book References

Daedalus Returned

By Baron von der Heydte

Another absolute must have for any Fallschirmjager fan. Written by famous Fallschirmjager Baron Friedrich August Frieherr von der Heydte.

Monte Cassino: A German View

By Rudolf Bøhmler

This is a must have for any one interested in the battles of Monte Cassino. Written by Rudolf Bohmler, A Fallschirmjager Batalion C.O. I/3FJR was involved in the fighting.

German Paratroops

By Robert Kurtz

An excellent book comprised around several collections of authentic equipment. uniforms documents. Covers every facet of a Fallschirmjäger's life. Very helpfull for those wanting to reach a high level of authenticity in their colletion and impression.

Red Shines The Sun

 By Eric Queen

This a great book covering the history of the Fallschirm-Infantarie Battalion. The German army paratroopers which became the Cadre of the FJR3.

Soldat: The WWII German Army Combat Collectors Handbook Vol 8

By Chris Mason

Chris Mason has done an outstanding job andthis book can be considered a very important resource a must have andshould be considered requirement for all serious Fallschirmjäger renactors.

Soldat: The WWII German Army Combat Collectors Handbook Vol 11

By Chris Mason

Another great volume of Soldat.

Green Devils: German Paratroopers 1939-1945

By Jean-Yves Nasse

This is good book for any one interested in the actual accounts of Fallschirmjþger Veterans. With photographs that acompany the text, this is a must have for any enthusiast.

Fallschirmjger in Crete

By Jean-Yves Nasse

Another new addition by Jean This book is a must have if you are interested in the Crete offensive many never before published photographs throughout this book!

Fallschirmjäger-Rgt. 3: A Pictorial History

This isthe first half of atwo great references on the history of FJR3. A must have for any Fallschirmjager enthusiast, historian, and reencator.

By Klaus J. Peters


Fallschirmjäger Rgt.3: Volume 2

This is by far the best photo reference book I have found so far. Very well documented and researched photo's fill every page covering all the major battles of the 3FJR. An absolute must have!

By Klaus J. Peters

Knight's Cross Holders of the Fallschirmjäger

By Franz Kurowski

A great resource for any enthusiast, modelor, re-enactor or historian. With some good images and brief bios, this is a must have!

Fallschirmjager Portraits of German Paratroops in Combat

By Branislav Radovic

Another great book with over 160 photos from the Bundesarchive, many never before seen photos. Grest full page prints offering great detail of uniform and equipment.

Die deutsche Fallschirmtruppe 1942 - 1945:

By Hans-Martin Stimpel

Although it has few photo's and it is published in German, this book has great information for the researcher or historian.

Die deutsche Fallschirmtruppe 1942 - 1945:

By Hans-Martin Stimpel

Written in German, volume two of this well researched series. A must have!

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