"The old campaigners."

"Opi Ferdinand"

"....he stood up until the last day... like a real soldier.... He was my big hero!" grandaughter Helena Mackü.
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"Mein Opa"

Member Justin Molnar shares his story about his grandfather a Luftwaffe veteran Albert Dreyer.
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In loving memory of Ferdinand Foltin who passed away May 18, 2007
Albert Dreyer
In loving memory of Albert Dreyer and his co-pilot Heinz Meyer.

"Ruhe im Frieden, Kamerad"

Oberfeldwebel Alexander Uhlig 16/FJR6
"Liebe Verwandte, Kameraden und Freunde!
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"This is my Opa"

Max Teucher has kindly shared his photos and story about his grandfather a Luftwaffe veteran Fredrich "Fritz" Tuecher.

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Alexander Uhlig
In Honor of Alexander Uhlig who passed away November 1, 2008
In loving memory of Friedrich Teucher, who died on 14th December 2003.

"Eugen Griesser FJR6"

Left as a Oberjäger in Rome, Italy September 1943.
we would like to thank Volker Griesser for providing us the photo of his grandfather

We highly recommend Volker's Book "Les Lions of Carentan" which is also avaible in German.

Eugen Griesser
In Honor of Eugen Griesser and his fellow kamerads of the 6th Regiment:

"Gunther Meyer"

Coming soon

"So long Pal, see ya in Heaven"
Oberjäger Otto A. Nemec
? 1925 - January 6, 2009

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Otto A. Nemec
In loving memory of Tony Nemec who passed away January 6, 2009
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