"Keep your eyes wide open. Tune yourself to the top most pitch. Be nimble as a greyhound, as tough as leather, as hard as Krupp steel, and so you shall be the German warrior incarnate. "
#10 Fallschirmjäger 10 Commandmnets

Our unit is new, growing with members through out Northern, Southern California and Arizona, established to bring together like minded people who enjoy the hobby of renacting WWII. Our primary unit impression is based on a late war German Paratroop Regiment which was still considered an elite unit amongst the German Army.

We do not discriminate against anyone for race, color, sex nor handicap. But we do require that members have some level of physical fitness and can appear to represent an elite German Paratroop who where physically fit. However we do not discourage anyone from joining up .

Our unit will not tolerate any negative attitude towards the hobby, other members of the unit nor our reenacting community. We are all working professionals and require a degree of professionalism and courtesy within our unit and the hobby as a whole. Those who can not abide by such a code of conduct will be asked to leave the unit.

If you wish to join or just interested, please go to the Join us section.

So you want to be a Paratrooper?

6th Fallschirmjager Regiment is a historical non-political organization and does not condone nor support neo-nazi extrimist political views and will not accept any persons with such views.

We proudly support the NRA.
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